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Birthdate:Oct 26
Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada
Well, I'm a 29 year old freak from Vancouver, BC. I love it here! It's very rainy and everything is made of green glass. This city is like a William Gibson novel.

I have an LJ for my usual bitchin', so this journal is for my (don't laugh) journey of artistic development. I wanna be an artist! No- really. But I've spent the last 15+ years of my life with a veeeery annoying metabolic condition that made doing much of anything (other than have very interesting drug-fueled hallucinations) RATHER TRICKY. But now I am getting better. And I have re-evaluated my life. I do not want to be a scientist. I want to make art. Primarily comix. I love manga. This journal is for me to chronicle my process of consolidating and polishing my art/writing skills and Making Stuff.

People are free to friend me (add me? I'm not sure what the proper DW terminology is.) I kvetch a lot and am very nosy, but I don't bite people (much.)

Interests (40):

anime, art, art bell, being hyperactive, celtic mythology, design, digital painting, doujinshi, drawing, elfquest, evangelion, fandom, fitness, flowerssses, give me my coffee and no one gets hurt, graphic novels, hacking reality, hetalia, hiking, humanism, kabuki, manga, massive attack, metaphysics, moebius, naruto, paranormal, political junkiehood, rem, scuba diving, slash, star trek, tool, typography, u2, weird science, x-files, x-men, yes those men are kissing, zoology
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